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Stunning High Definition Graphics and Environments

Based on Crytek’s advanced CryEngine 2 technology, Blue Mars helps artists and developers bring their visions to life and delivers truly immersive 3D experiences.


The Blue Mars platform has been built from the ground up to give developers the ability to create and customize animations, interfaces, avatars, gameplay and behaviors to suit their unique needs.

Massively Scalable Architecture

Blue Mars supports thousands of simultaneous users per region, so developers can create truly scalable attractions without worrying about user limit restrictions.

Robust Content Protection

The Blue Mars content management system gives IP holders the security they need to protect their users and brands from inappropriate associations and copyright infringement.

Transaction Platform

The platform’s secure transaction backend supports micro-transactions, pay to play, trial to buy, and subscription services so developers can choose the business model that suits them the best.

Integration with Industry Standard Development Tools

By supporting the industry standard COLLADA format and applications like 3DS Max, Maya, Blender and Sketchup, developing in Blue Mars is accessible to everyone from experimenting beginners to professional 3D artists.

Integrated virtual currency and micro-transactions

Because of the integrity of our currency, and our built in transactions system, developers can easily receive payments to their developer account, make payments to employees or contractors, and cash out from BLU$ to USD$ directly to a paypal account, hassle free.

Platform > Benefits

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